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    The Iridium TT’s revolutionary 0.4 millimeter center electrode means significantly improved combustion and fewer misfires – optimizing power output like never before.







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    Invented by DENSO, the Iridium TT
    Twin-Tip Technology enables larger spark concentration and explosion, delivering more complete combustion, which translates to more superior
    fuel economy.




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    The unparalleled Iridium TT spark plug is tested to last well beyond 100,000 miles, with minimal loss to performance, contributing to more overall lifetime savings than any plugs available today.










The Iridium TT Twin-Tip Technology delivers far less obstruction to the spark allowing an omni-directional explosion. This minimizes the quenching effect and results in a more effective, more complete combustion. Better combustion means more power and better fuel economy, as fuel is burned more efficiently with each piston firing. The large center and ground electrodes seen on a Standard Plug increases “quenching” of the explosion, meaning the spark explosion is restricted by the electrodes above and below the gap, allowing it to spread to either side, but not grow with full range.

For complete combustion, the Iridium TT’s two tips allow the spark plug to create the largest spark concentration and explosion, which translates into more power and superior fuel economy than any other plug.


With this unique design, there are literally two “tips”: a 0.4-millimeter Iridium center electrode, and a 0.7-millimeter Platinum ground electrode. DENSO’s patented Twin-Tip technology was first used on original equipment spark plugs for luxury and performance cars. Now, that technology is available to everyone.

0.4-Millimeter Center Electrode

The 0.4-millimeter center electrode has a low required voltage and high ignitability, that means your vehicle experiences less interference to spark growth (quenching), fewer misfires and significantly improved combustion, optimizing power output and fuel economy – getting you farther with less gas.

Developed with DENSO’s own optimized Iridium alloy; this is the smallest mass-produced center electrode available today.


DENSO selected Iridium and engineered it with Rhodium to build the most durable alloy for spark plugs. The patented formula has the highest concentration of Iridium of any spark plug and outperforms in the most severe engine temperatures resisting oxidation and voltage wear for over 100,000 miles.

A member of the platinum family, Iridium is the most corrosion-resistant metal known on earth.

360-Degree Laser Welding

Precision welding by DENSO’s state-of-the-art 360-degree laser welding technology allows the Iridium TT’s twin tips to deliver omni-directional ignition, contrary to the flat “sandwich” ignition offered by other spark plugs in the market. The superior ignition of the Iridium TT means each spark burns the fuel more efficiently, giving your vehicle more power and better fuel economy.

To provide the best plug in the market, DENSO developed a proprietary 360-degree laser welding process : the result is the highest quality bond that ensures structural support for the Iridium center electrode, which resists wear and oxidation, even in the harshest combustion environments.










The Original Twin-Tip








  • • Titanium-enhanced alloy ground electrode
    • 1.1mm platinum center electrode
    • Minimum-quench electrode design



  • • Improved fuel economy
    • Faster starts
    • Enhanced flame propagation for increased engine efficiency










Quality, Reliability and Value. At DENSO we’ve taken everything we have learned as an OE manufacturer and applied it to our aftermarket product lines. Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

At DENSO, we’re constantly striving to break new ground with innovative solutions for today’s demanding automotive needs. All of our aftermarket products are built to OE-standards and incorporate the latest upgrades —
a promise only an OE manufacturer can make.

DENSO products are manufactured to give you the right part and the right fit … the first time, every time.

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DENSO Auto Parts is at Maple Grove Raceway.
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DENSO Auto Parts is at Maple Grove Raceway.
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Learn how DENSO has used iridium to set the standard for today's spark plugs.
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Let us remember the day and continue to fill our hearts with strength. #NeverForget #NationalDayofRemembrance
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Even our standard spark plug is something special.

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